Production monitor

It is an application prepared by iPCC that allows to display on visual screens the schedule of operations planned in manufacturing orders. It is used in production sites and warehouse areas where reporting of manufacturing orders operations takes place.


  • no need to print workstation schedules,
  • employees see a planned schedule of operations at their workstation,
  • list of operations prepared by the planner is always up-to-date,
  • possibility to display schedules of various operations on one big screen,
  • visualization of manufacturing orders realization. e.g. delays in quantity and time,
  • application can be run on multiple monitors at the same time, displaying stand-alone information,
  • the app requires only one Generic User licence.


  • internet-browser enabled, with selection of data to be displayed,
  • display of operations at chosen workstations,
  • clarity of information thanks to the possibility of running the app on big screens,
  • possibility to use various colours to mark rows with delayed current and future operations,
  • data refresh in an established cycle, e.g. every 5 minutes,
  • scalability and a possibility of selection of chosen columns displayed,
  • data sorting according to a chosen column,
  • separate presentation of schedules,
  • display of the lowest material status for operations components.