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Our team of specialists has grown out of long-lasting work experience with the Movex system (previous version of Infor M3), owned by the Lawson corporation. In 2008, when Infor acquired Lawson, we created a company which, as an Infor partner, has been delivering Infor ERP software (Infor M3, Infor SCM, Infor PLM, ION). Right now around 80 customers in Poland and abroad cooperate with us within our Infor M3 know-how.

Our adventure with ERP started.

We understand that our services reach beyond IT. For many customers we are specialized consultants who help them improve processes in order to increase their business profitability.

Many years of experience

Our consultants are professionals.
Years of work-time in PCC

Thanks to our experience we share our knowledge and suggest solutions which have been positively verified in practice by our customers. We implement Infor systems at manufacturing and distribution companies, using innovative methods and IT tools tailored for chosen industries, such as Food & Beverage, Fashion, Furniture & Fixtures, Distribution, Equipment Dealers, Service & Rental.

Comprehensive team

Our team consists of project managers / auditors, business consultants who specialize in: finance management, supply chain management, manufacturing management, as well as of technical consultants / programmers, solution architects and consultants – contractors.

Board of the company & Partners

Mariusz Dolata

Managing Partner

Responsible for Finance

Piotr Michalak


Responsible for international cooperation

Paweł Wierzbowicz

Managing Partner

Responsible for key accounts and internal training paths

Marketing and Sales Department

Customer Care Department

Business Consultants Specialized in Finance

Business Consultants Specialized in Logistics/Manufacturing

Business Consultants Specialized in Logistics

Business Consultants Specialized in Manufacturing

Technical Consultants

E-Business Consultant

Contractual Consultants