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Infor M3 delivers deep industry-specific functionality to cover your unique business needs. The system offers ultimate flexibility in operations, technology, and scale. As a multi-site, multi-country, and multi-company solution, M3 empowers your organization to adapt to changing business needs. It provides flexibility in managing mixed-mode and complex environments, with the agility to make quick adjustments at any time. Written in Java, M3 also gives you platform independence and choice. For companies in the business to Make, Move, and Maintain products, Infor M3 provides the tools they need to manage their operations. With the full system, they can monitor transactions throughout their organization, including manufacturing operations, supply chain activities, customer and supplier relationships, warehouse and distribution processes and, of course, financial management. Infor M3 consolidates these into one coherent view of operations. The software contains specialized functionality resulting from many years of work experience in these industries:

iPCC Lider wdrożeń systemów ERP - Branża spożywcza

Food & Beverage

iPCC Lider wdrożeń systemów ERP - Branża mleczarska

F&B – Dairy

iPCC Lider wdrożeń systemów ERP - Branża modowa


System ERP dla branży dystrybucyjnej


iPCC Lider wdrożeń systemów ERP - branża serwisu i wynajmu urządzeń i maszyn

Equipment Dealers, Service & Rental

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Furniture & Fixtures