Horseware Ireland Champions New Technology Footprint with Infor

Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced that leading producer of equestrian and pet products, Horseware Ireland, has successfully completed a global deployment of Infor M3. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform will help ensure the right tools and capabilities are in the hands of Horseware Ireland’s employees, allowing them to deliver an enhanced partner and customer experience. In parallel, greater efficiency and visibility facilitated by the platform — which is live across Ireland, US, Cambodia and currently implementing for China — are expected to open opportunities to pursue product innovation in line with the specialist manufacturer’s ethos.

With a diverse product mix, which includes accessories for horses and dogs, clothing and accessories for ladies, men and children, and a therapies range designed for horses, Horseware Ireland required a system that is flexible and can scale to incorporate new products as market opportunities dictate. The company’s previous systems had become heavily modified, were disparate across locations and required a great deal of manual intervention, which impeded productivity and agility.

Horseware Ireland selected Infor based on its ability to scale, a close fit for the apparel industry and modern interfaces. Because the company was already using a previous Infor product, training and data migration demands were even easier to manage, allowing the team to hit the ground running, faster.

“Since its inception in 1985, Horseware Ireland has continuously innovated and invested in the latest technology to support its growth and become the successful equine brand it is today,” comments Alan O’Neill, IT Manager, Horseware Ireland. “Delivering quality products in combination with an exceptional partner experience are intrinsic to our vision. Supported by partners, MRC UKBEC S.I.MillersoftGlantusVince and Cashbooks, Infor’s platform personalises the user experience, allowing us to automate more processes for greater productivity, exercise better control over the allocation of goods to partners and customers, and ultimately enhance partner and customer engagement.”

“Fashion businesses live or die by the brand experience they deliver, particularly those in niche sectors,” comments Simon Niesler, SVP and general manager, Infor Western Europe. “In an ever-demanding, ever-fickle world, customer-centric strategies must be underpinned by integrated, industry-specific technology to manage product mixes, ensure productivity and meet customer expectations to secure all-important competitive advantage.”

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